Holiday Tablescape


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (next to the Fourth of July). It's probably because there are no presents on Thanksgiving, but there is a lot of gratitude, love, humility, and unity. I love that! 


There's just something about November, when the leaves are changing and the pumpkin spice candles are lit. It feels so cozy. It's the kind of cozy you wait all year for. Fuzzy socks and all! The craziness of Christmas hasn't found it's way, but the excitement for the pies and rolls is constantly on the mind. Bless this holiday! It's the dang best.


I get out all of my Le Creuset because it's my "good china" and it lights up the spread. Bright blues and oranges line the table, filled to the brim with potatoes, yams, turkey, and pies. The smell of fresh bread is just calling my name. 


We got a house out in Traverse (more on that to come), and packed it with some of our favorite people. As wonderful as Thanksgiving is, it's too expensive to fly home to our families, and too close to Christmas for them to come our way, so a Friendsgiving we had, and man did we love it.


We laughed, cooked, ate, and watched the kids play. It was simple, but so full of love. Thanksgiving 2017, you really were something special. 

Mrs. Measom