Biscuits + Gravy


What you'll need. . .

1 lb. breakfast sausage- I used Trader Joe's Maple Chicken Breakfast Sausage (chopped).

1-2 tbs flour

1-2 cups milk

Salt + Pepper- to taste.

Trader Joe's Everything Seasoning- to taste.

Biscuits- I use Jiffy's All-Purpose Mix. Follow the recipe on the box for biscuits. To make it semi-homemade, I add in a some freshly chopped jalapeno, and some freshly grated cheddar cheese. 

What you'll do. . .

Make biscuits.

In cast iron skillet cook breakfast sausage thoroughly on medium-high heat.

Add 1-2 tbs flour. Add one tbs at a time. Too much flour all at once will absorb the grease and leave your skillet and sausage dry. 

Mix flour into sausage.

Add milk slowly, until you've reached your desired consistency. The less milk you add, the thicker your gravy will be. If you've added too much milk, simply add more flour.

Add salt, pepper, and TJ's Everything Seasoning.

Serve gravy over biscuits and enjoy!