Peloton Review

Peloton Review

For those of you who don't know what a Peloton is, it's an indoor bicycle with a large touchscreen. On the touchscreen, you can find both live and on-demand classes, and the classes offer the rider the indoor-cycling boutique experience within the intimate walls of their home. Do your workout in your home, on your time, and at your pace. No sweating in public? I'm in!

The Peloton is very well built. It doesn't feel unstable, but instead it feels strong and sturdy, even when you are out of the saddle.

The saddle (seat) is comfortable (especially once you've ridden for a while). 

The screen is sweat proof, crisp, clear, and displays everything you need to know, from time elapsed to your cadence. If you have a competitive nature, it's also fun to watch as you climb the rankings during your ride. 

The Peloton doesn't just offer cycling classes, it also offers off-the-bike workouts targeting specific muscle groups, and even offers yoga. Yoga? On-demand? That's my kind of programming!

The Peloton offers so many on-demand and live class options, that there is something for anyone looking to cycle.

What I like the most about about the Peloton is both the flexibility and the convenience. As a mom, my days are never the same. Each day is different, but I still want to get my workout in.

It's nice to be able to pick when I ride and how long I ride for. I also love that it's in my house.

Once, I paid a hefty price for a month to do barre classes nearby. I went to one single class. Life got crazy. I was embarrassed at how out of shape I was post-baby, and simply didn't have the motivation to leave the house while nursing. It was too stressful.

The Peloton offers the competitive aspect of attending a class served up with a heaping scoop of privacy (meaning no one is watching me drip sweat all over the floor) and convenience. 

Ultimately, most people are looking for something that will help them get into shape and stay healthy. If you're looking for boutique classes, competitiveness, and having both just a few steps from your bed, take a look at Peloton. And, if you're in Michigan, the Somerset Mall location is fabulous (it's actually the only location in Michigan). Carlie, the store manager, is one of the absolute kindest people. You can even have a free test ride!

Take them up on that free ride ya'll. They set up a bike in the back of the store, in a room that looks like a fancy NYC loft, and you can jam out to a ride. They'll lend you some shoes, some Bluetooth headphones, water, and some towels. It's a fun thing you should add to your to-to list.

Thank you, Peloton Somerset, for collaborating with us on this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  


Mrs. Measom