Sunday Dish

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DC bowed down to Aida (like one would do for a king or a queen) and handed her a toy cupcake. When I asked him why he bowed down to her, he said, “because that’s what boys do for girls!” He is going to be one heck of a respectable man, ladies. I'm so proud!


DC and I were playing, and Aida Mae was napping soundly. Mid ninja fight, he ran into my arms and said, "cuddle me!" When I scooped him up for a hug he said, "Mom, I never want to get big, that way you can cuddle me forever!" Me either son. Me. Friggin'. Neither!


Aida will not put down this tiger purse. She is going to have one very toned bicep. Homegirl doesn't need anything but her purse and sandals. First thing she wants in the morning, and it's a fight to get them off at night. You gotta pick your battles sometimes, and this is one she wins because it's so darn cute!


My husband and I had an at home date night this weekend. We had bomb BBQ and both my stomach and my man were very happy. This weekend was a success! Hope ya'll had a great one too!



mrs. measom


Mrs. Measom