Tryin' To Keep The Plants Alive


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As you you may or may not know, I kill plants. Always on accident of course! 

This accidental expert plant killer also knows she should buy all plants where they offer a plant warranty. It's helpful when I am by no means a plant expert. I don't want to be wasting that green. 

So, as most of my plants do, one died. To my credit, I bought it in May and it made it all the way until about two weeks ago. Then she gave in, and so did I. 

I loaded her up into the car, along with my little girl, and we made the trek to the store I frequent for what I thought would be a quick return. I put both my plant and Aida in the cart, and walked to the register for the return. I was about 8 feet from the cashier, when he yelled at me from across the way, "Do you have your receipt?" "No," I replied,"but I do have the card I bought it on." "No receipt, no return!" This must be a new policy at this store because I'd never had an issue. Mind you, I'm still not even at the register yet...and we are having this "conversation."

Well, sir, little do you know I keep a giant box back at my house with receipts that date back to 2012. 

I load myself, Plantie, and Aida back into the car. I found the receipt. Sweet victory! Drove to the store. Loaded everyone back into a cart, walked to the register, showed this man my receipt, and walked out with my hard-earned refund (plus tax).

Mrs. Measom