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We are in full back-to-school mode. I'm not sure who is learning more, me or the kids, but I can say that adult-ing is hard, and parent-teacher conferences still scare me. I feel like the grades my kids earn are a direct representation of how well I'm teaching them. These grades mean a lot more to me than my report card ever did!

I'm making so many batches of granola a week, I could put Nature Valley out of business.

My son started soccer again, and oddly enough his jersey is so big it fits me...I'm not sure who is more embarrassed about that. Sorry son, Momma passed on her tiny genes to you. #BlessHisHeart #HeDidn'tStandAChance

Hormones are trippy. One second, I'm eating a bowl of grapes, and the next I'm downing B-Dubs like they're chips. #Can'tHaveJustOne

Happy weekendin', ya'll!


Mrs. Measom