Sunday Dish


My husband was eating a bowl of my oatmeal the other morning, and he said to me, "you should open up an oatmeal boutique. Your oatmeal is amazing!" I was so flattered. I might have given it some thought, dreaming of all the flavors I could make. Think Jeni's Ice-cream, but with oatmeal. I'm drooling. 

Last summer, my husband could not stop talking about getting rid of a bush that covered our front porch. Every so often he would get home, and say "we should take down that tall bush. It's covering the porch." With next summer around the corner, we had an ice storm. Not a single branch fell from any other tree or bush... except that "tall bush." That sucker fell straight over, pulling the roots out from the ground entirely. The universe heard my husband, and that tree plopped right out. We laughed so hard this morning when we pulled up after church, and saw what had happened. Manifesting things into your life is real!

My husband and I were kissing, and my son walks in, sees us, and says, "Look Aida! Mommy and Daddy are having true love's kiss." We all laughed, but my heart was secretly exploding with joy. He is the coolest kid, ya'll.

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