That's Been My Week. How's Yours?


I really shouldn't have eaten that last cookie... or three.

I'm the idiot who chokes on her own spit. Every. Single. Time. 

I can't remember the last time I wore a bra, but hey, my husband isn't complaining. #BabyIt'sColdOutside

My daughter doesn't want to do eat or sleep because, hello, she's got a princess crown and a wand. She's clearly got stuff to do. Jeez Mom!

Speaking of moms, my mom left Wednesday. That was that a tough pill to swallow.

I tried to make my day a little bit brighter by picking myself up a venti iced chocolate milk, with three pumps extra chocolate syrup, and then proceeded to spill the entire contents of this delicious drink all over my driveway.

Somewhere between my mom leaving, the chocolate milk spilling, and my period cramps coming on strong, I cried right into my husband's arms like a baby. Bless that man. I sure do love him.

That's been my week. How's yours?

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