Trying To Navigate My 20's


My two kiddos love to ask questions. All day long, they're just trying to learn about themselves and the world around them. Everything is a mystery, and they are each a tiny Sherlock Holmes. They turn to me to help them understand things. I'm their clue giver, if you will, but the truth is I don't have all the answers for the questions they ask. Sometimes, my reply is simply, "I don't know, sweetheart. Things are just that way."

As a 20-something, I too have a lot of questions. I'm in the stage of life where I think I have the world around me figured out, but I'm trying to figure myself out, and with two kids and a husband, that gets a whole lot trickier.

So, remembering a business class I took, I tried to quantify my decision making process. There is a budgeting rule that states 50% of your income should go to your needs, 30% should go to your wants, and 20% should go to a savings account. 

Meh, sounds easy enough. 50% of my decision making goes to what my family needs. 30% goes into what I want. 20% goes into save for later.  Think of this as a form of mental budgeting. Once I did that, I realized that in my stint as a mother, I have been tucking a lot of things into that save for later file, and at a lot larger rate than 20%. I tried to write down specifics, but I realized there's so much more that goes into making a decision then numbers and budgeting. There are feelings involved and those suckers get tangley!

In finance, "saving" funds is a wonderful thing. But for an individual, shoving away thoughts and dreams into a folder deemed "for later" is a very dangerous choice.

So for now, I need to own up to my choices and decisions. Go with my gut, and say, "I don't know, sweetheart. Things are just that way."


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